Depression is Selfishness – Diana LSC

Random thoughts about depression.

“The best and only cure for depression is to be unselfish and optimistic. Stop thinking on the negative things happening to you. There are more things to life than yourself. If you think that your problem is the end of the world, think again. Yes, depression starts from problems. There are far more greater problems than your own. There are hunger problems in Africa, chemical bombings in Syria, nuclear threats from North Korea, obesity, cancer, and other problems that you may or may not have. Everyone has a problem and something to think about.

People should not focus on thinking on these problems thus, look at the brighter side of life. It is easier said than done but we should fight depression. Yes, it is a sickness but should be temporary like colds and cough. How do we treat colds and cough? By boosting our immune system. Same as how should we treat depression? By thinking on positive thoughts, caring for other people, seeing the beauty within the ugliness, looking at the brighter side amidst the darkness.”

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