Body Issues: Sexy, Fat, Thin – Diana LSC

Others: You’re sexy.
Me: Thank you!
Others: You’re thin.
Me: Thank you!
Others: You’re fat.
Me: Thank you!
Others: ??!!!

I think the best reaction for all the comments about your body is “Thank you!” and let them wonder until their brains blew off. Why? It’s because there is nothing wrong with you or your body’s look, size, weight, or height. The problem is with them who is commenting. They either want to bully you, get something from you, tease you, envy you, jealous of you, get your wife or husband, get your girlfriend or boyfriend, sympathize with you, appreciate you or plainly just want to start a chat with you. So before you blew your head off thinking why they commented you about you, then let them be the one to wonder why you are just saying thank you.

“What’s wrong with being fat?” says the fat people
“What’s wrong with being thin?” says the thin people

People have different views in body sizes. People have different beliefs and culture about the body. People have different body composition. If you say, being fat or thin is bad for the health then let me ask you this, “Are all the dead people, because of health issues, only fat or only thin?” I believe there are people who died even if they are said to be “fit.” What is the perfect body size? Says who? The majority or the fitness guru or the health professionals? Can they say 100% sure that you won’t die if you have this or that perfect body size? Isn’t it just for “business” or “earning” purposes that they are telling you to hit the gym said the gym instructor or drink this health supplements said by health companies or do some liposuction said the cosmetic surgeon or eat organic only said the farmer or this and that said by this and that for them to earn?

What I think is that people need to know what is good for them, what makes them feel good, what makes them happy. Society, doctors, health professionals are there to guide if we need help but not really define us. The only person who can really define you, compete with you and should affect you the most is no other than yourself. Are you happy with your body? Do you think that your body is heavy for you? Do you think that your body needs a little more weight? Why are you achieving the perfect body size? Is it because you want to look good or better for yourself or for someone or for what the society dictates?

Next time someone commented you about you, just say thank you because whatever your reaction is, it will only reflects your definition of yourself and how you look on other people. It will also make the other person happier or contented if they see that they affected you in some way. If you get hurt when someone said that you are fat, why? Is it because you also think that being fat is bad? If fat is bad, why are babies cute especially when they are fat? Parents want their children fat because they look more healthy. If you get hurt or lash on to someone because they said that you are thin, why? People go to the gym just to make themselves slimmer.

Some people are fat, some people are thin so there is nothing to compare about but yourself. If you are happy with yourself, then your body will respond to it thus, it will be happy and healthy since your body feels that you are happy and not sad or depressed. Some people will be happy if you are happy and some people will be sad when you are happy. But what can you really do about it? People are like that and life is like that. But you can do something about yourself and the way you see things. Accept yourself, be content and be happy with your life.

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The Kind of Love – Cristine Sison Canlas

“Love is what I long for in my life
The one that will fill the emptiness inside
A love that is unconditional
The kind of love that’s hard to find

A love that is so rare and true
A love that will not bring me rue
A love that will make me happy
Every time I am feeling lonely

A love that’ll always stay with me
Through happiness and sadness
A love that’ll always be beside me
Each time that I would feel weary

But what if there’s no love like this?
And no one could even promise
To love me with all sincerity
To love me with all honesty

Then probably I’ll end up alone
Not unless if I’m willing to gamble
Of loving someone the way I long for
Give him my best and my all

Maybe he could do the same thing
But I should not expect anything
Cause if I do, I am not really giving
The unconditional love that I’m longing”

Cristine Sison Canlas is an impressionist painter and an amateur poet. She pours her emotions through her paintings and poems. Leave a comment to her art works and help her continue with her God-given talents.

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Forgiven but not Forgotten – Diana LSC

“Hatred so intense.
Pain can still be felt.
Anger strikes back.
Forgive and forget seems afar.
Remembering the past,
Brings back memories.
Tried to erase.
Buried deeply.
But it still lingers on.
Is forgetting part of forgiving?
Everything should be forgotten…”

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Depression is Selfishness – Diana LSC

Random thoughts about depression.

“The best and only cure for depression is to be unselfish and optimistic. Stop thinking on the negative things happening to you. There are more things to life than yourself. If you think that your problem is the end of the world, think again. Yes, depression starts from problems. There are far more greater problems than your own. There are hunger problems in Africa, chemical bombings in Syria, nuclear threats from North Korea, obesity, cancer, and other problems that you may or may not have. Everyone has a problem and something to think about.

People should not focus on thinking on these problems thus, look at the brighter side of life. It is easier said than done but we should fight depression. Yes, it is a sickness but should be temporary like colds and cough. How do we treat colds and cough? By boosting our immune system. Same as how should we treat depression? By thinking on positive thoughts, caring for other people, seeing the beauty within the ugliness, looking at the brighter side amidst the darkness.”

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