Virtues of Life – Cristine Sison Canlas

“Life is a gift that only God can give A gift that you are bound to live But to live a life that’s good and right One must use all his strength and might Love is one of the key … Continued

Super Moon Day 2 – Emmanuel V. Jondonero

Did you miss the Super Moon? Emmanuel did not and was even able to get a snapshot of it! Emmanuel V. Jondonero is a photographer who loves photography. Comment if you like his art and it will help him continue … Continued

A Painting – Cristine Sison Canlas

Cristine Sison Canlas is an impressionist painter. This is one of her works. Comment now if you like it! It will help the artist to do more artworks. Please follow the right procedure to comment: How to Comment in PostbyMe?

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