The Terms and Conditions of Use by PostbyMe is a binding agreement between the “user/s” (user/s of PostbyMe who will access, register, post, upload photos or videos, comment or use the website in any means, can also be termed as “you”, “your”, “they”, or “their” in this terms and conditions of use) and “PostbyMe” (PostbyMe  owners, can also be termed as “we”, “us”, or “our” in this terms and conditions of use). The Terms and Conditions of use will apply to the use of the website by the users who interacts and use the services, brands and content in PostbyMe website. We advise to carefully read and understand the terms and conditions.

Acceptance of the Agreement

PostbyMe users agree to the terms and conditions once they accessed and used PostbyMe website (register, posting, uploading digital content such as photos, videos, donating and withdrawing funds). If PostbyMe users do not agree, they are not supposed to use PostbyMe website in any manner. Any other entity which uses PostbyMe website, comment for another person, also bind in the terms and conditions of use. The terms and conditions of use will be updated when the need arises and we will notify users. If PostbyMe users do not agree with the changes, they should terminate their registration in the website or request to remove their post/s once the update occurs. If the user is still registered or the post/s remains when the update happens, we consider it an acceptance of the update.

Termination, Suspension, Deletion, Removal and Approval/Disapproval

We are entitled to terminate or suspend the use of PostbyMe and registration of the user anytime in our discretion. We are entitled to delete, remove, approve or disapprove any posts and upload of the users anytime in our discretion. We are entitled and may delete donations, raised funds, payment of donation, and withdrawal of funds of the users if there is non-compliance in our “Terms and Conditions of Use”, in our discretion or if we find it necessary.


PostbyMe values the privacy rights of each PostbyMe user/s. If there are reports of misuse, poser, faking another person identity, and other non-compliance to PostbyMe’s standard guidelines that is against the privacy of a person, PostbyMe has the right to remove or delete the reported post based in our discretion and/or investigation, if necessary. It is necessary to provide the right identification and if the user/s wants to hide identities, it will be the user/s liability if any negative impact resulted in hiding their identities to the public.

Account Information

Eligibility of a person to use PostbyMe should be an adult (at least 18 years old or age of majority depending on the country of residence) who are able to form a legally binding contract with us. Minors are highly discouraged in the use of PostbyMe but their parents or guardians can guide them if it will be for the good of the minors like showing their artwork, paintings and other related talents or skills as long as they will not be subject to child abuse.

Multiple accounts or email address of the same contributor are not acceptable. Only one account or email address at a time should be maintained. PostbyMe has the right to terminate and disapprove post or submission in our discretion. PostbyMe user is responsible in ensuring that their information is accurate and updated (information such as name, address, bank or payment channel accounts and email). False identities or impersonation of other people (use of other people’s name, username, password or identity) is highly discouraged. As PostbyMe user, PostbyMe is authorized to get information we consider appropriate to verify the account information you provided, it can be directly or through the use of our third party affiliate. Paypal is our third party affiliate who will get bank details for user’s donations in their secured website. PostbyMe user/s also consent PostbyMe website to send necessary emails to the user’s email account.

PostbyMe user/s is/are solely responsible in their account security by safeguarding and maintaining confidentiality of user’s accounts, such as name, username, password, or payment channel accounts. PostbyMe user/s is/are responsible for all the activities that happen in their account, whether or not they authorized the activities. Third party who will use the user account is highly discouraged and users agree to notify PostbyMe of any unauthorized use of your name, username, password, or payment channel accounts.

Posting and Uploading of Content

As PostbyMe user, you are responsible with any posts and upload of content in PostbyMe. You may post and upload content such as notes (poems, song lyrics, stories etc), photos, or video at your own expense and should be in compliance with our posting and uploading guidelines. PostbyMe users are responsible in requesting to remove (or not upload) their post or upload if it is non-compliant to the posting guidelines. PostbyMe is entitled to delete, remove, approve or disapprove any posts and upload of the users anytime in our discretion. Ensure that all uploads and digital or electronic files are free and no virus, worms and will not harm or disrupt the website’s code or programming. PostbyMe website is not responsible in any returning of any posts, uploads, comments or contents to the users or anyone.

Posting and Uploading Guidelines

As a user of PostbyMe, you have the right to written posts, upload photos and/or videos, comments, and post publicly/privately as long as it your own, own work and comply to the standard set by PostbyMe.

We advise PostbyMe user/s to understand and follow PostbyMe posting and uploading guidelines. Post and upload that do not meet the guidelines will be removed, deleted or disapprove and account may be terminated and suspended depending on the severity or discretion of PostbyMe . We may/may not notify the users.

We encourage PostbyMe users to post and upload their own works or content. It should be in a good way, good manner, respectful, professional, funny, witty, artistic, or anything that will make a person feel better. All posts will be subject to PostbyMe’s approval and discretion.

You can submit post at PostbyMe for any of these reasons but not limited to:

    1. If you have solicitation contests like pageants or singing contests may it be for your school, company, etc.
    2. If you are a celebrity and wants to know if you are really famous and have fans who will support you especially if you have a charity cause or just to know if you are worth their likes or comments.
    3. If you want to stay away from bashers but still want to post what you want to post. If they made a negative comment, we can just hide or delete it for you and still you get back at them by getting their funds. Who wants to waste money to bash anyway?
    4. If you have an artwork, photography and other talents that you want to post or show the world but does not know where to start or just want to try the waters if people will like it or wants to post it without your friends or family judging you, PostbyMe is here for you.
    5. If you want to post for personal reasons.
    6. Other reasons that are not included here.

We accept any type of posts and upload, that you will also post in your own social media network, which you think will be worthy in earning comments or applaud from other people but are not limited to the following:

  1. Own Artwork (paintings, sketch, drawings, etc).
  2. Own Literature (stories, poems, song lyrics, diary, conversation, reviews, etc).
  3. Own Photos (selfies, photoshoots, photography, etc).
  4. Own 1-minute or less Videos (how to do videos, short songs, short movies, etc).
  5. Others that are compliant to the standard posting and uploading guidelines of PostbyMe.

PostbyMe will not tolerate and delete posts and uploads that have abusive, obscene and pornographic content. Other negative posts and uploads will be deleted or approved but subject to PostbyMe’s discretion: personal beliefs, insulting or negative remarks to certain topics (such as but not limited to racial, ethnic, gender-based, political), slurs or offensive, disrespectful, slanderous, threatening, personal information that is against privacy of a person, copyrighted materials, fake news, false personas, posers, external links and other negative posts and uploads. Posts and uploads such as political campaigning, commercial solicitation, chain letters, mass mailings, links/posts/uploads with viruses or malware, or any form of “spam” or unsolicited commercial electronic messages are also banned on PostbyMe.

PostbyMe will delete or disapprove negative comments, posts and uploads that will be found or reported, but not obligated, because PostbyMe user/s is responsible in posting, uploading and commenting which should be compliant to PostbyMe’s standard posting and uploading guidelines. PostbyMe have the right to disapprove, delete or remove the posts, photos or videos of users if it does not comply to the standards set by PostbyMe or if it causes tension and conflict for the website’s integrity. If PostbyMe users post content or upload photos or videos and submit material to PostbyMe, and unless we indicate otherwise, it automatically means that PostbyMe is granted with the rights of a full license, irrevocable, nonexclusive, perpetual, royalty-free, and a right to use, modify, reproduce, publish, create, translate, or perform derivative works from, distribute, post and/or display such content throughout the world in any form of media.

PostbyMe has the right to delete posts and upload of photos and videos that are not gathering comments for 6 months. PostbyMe users have the option to repost the same content but will do the same procedure in uploading the image or videos again.

As PostbyMe user, you give access and grant PostbyMe the right to use the name that you submit in connection with such post and upload of content ensuring that you, PostbyMe user, represent and warrant that you own or otherwise control all of the rights and copyrights to the content that you post, accurate, does not violates PostbyMe standard guidelines, will not cause injury or negative effect to any other person or entity and that you will indemnify PostbyMe for all claims resulting from the post, upload and content you supply. PostbyMe has the right, but not the obligation, in monitoring and editing or removing any post, upload or any content PostbyMe takes no responsibility and assumes no liability for any post, upload or any content posted by PostbyMe user/s or any third party.


As a PostbyMe user who wants to post a comment to another post or uploads in PostbyMe website, you may post reviews, opinions, comments, photos, videos, emojis and other content. You may submit suggestions, ideas, comments, questions, or other information, as long as the comment is not abusive, illegal, obscene, threatening, defamatory, invasive of privacy, infringing of intellectual property rights (including publicity rights), or otherwise injurious to third parties or objectionable. Comments should not consist of or contain software viruses, political campaigning, commercial solicitation, chain letters, mass mailings, or any form of “spam” or unsolicited commercial electronic messages.

It is not also allowed to use a false e-mail address, impersonate any person or entity, or otherwise misleading origin of comment. PostbyMe reserves the right, but not the obligation, to remove or edit such comments. Other guidelines in commenting are the same as PostbyMe’s standard guidelines in posting and uploading content.


The donations made are used by PostbyMe in maintaining the website and given to the right beneficiaries, contributors or people who sent quality posts to PostbyMe, which are not being done to other social media network. Also, donations in posting and commenting are done in order to avoid unnecessary comments, posts, or upload of photos and videos. PostbyMe encourages posting of own works of the users and raise funds from organic comments (not autobots) of other PostbyMe users, only in PostbyMe website, based on the fund raising conditions set by PostbyMe. Other comments in other social media network will not be counted and will not raise funds.

Regarding the funds, as a user of PostbyMe, you have the right to ask for your funds raised based on the comments of your co-users which are also abiding on the agreement of fund raising condition set by PostbyMe.
As a user of PostbyMe, you hereby agreed to the fund raising conditions set by PostbyMe once you post your notes, upload your photos and/or videos. PostbyMe has the right to remove earnings of PostbyMe users if it is found malicious (such as use of autobots), cheating, spamming and other unnecessary and negative ways that has been done to earn money.

PostbyMe user/s is expected to read and understand the terms and conditions of use of PostbyMe website before they access and use the website (such as posting, commenting and other activities within the website). PostbyMe will not reimburse any donations made due to mistake or error done by the PostbyMe user/s. If post and upload submitted did not comply to PostbyMe’s standard guidelines (such as abusive content, pornographic, spam, etc). PostbyMe are not obligated to return the donation made since PostbyMe user/s are expected to accept and agreed to the terms of conditions of use. PostbyMe will have the discretion if PostbyMe user/s can resubmit post and upload for the same donation or will need to make a new donation since time, effort, and money are already used in checking the first submission.

PostbyMe will have no liability to PostbyMe user/s and affected people towards incident of hacking, malware, virus or autobots, as it can be unstoppable, and the Internet are not fully virus-proof in these areas. However, PostbyMe will be manually backing up transactions (but not obligated) to be able to save the data as much as we can. Beyond these, PostbyMe are not held responsible for such incidents. PostbyMe user/s can keep record and show proof of payments to PostbyMe and in the discretion of PostbyMe, through manual backups and PostbyMe investigation, will provide the necessary service to PostbyMe user/s affected of the virus-related attack.

Currency, Payment and Withdrawal Channel

Currently, PostbyMe accepts US Dollars and Philippine Peso for donation. PostbyMe is using Paypal as payment channel due to its security and worldwide coverage. PostbyMe users have the option to have a Paypal account, which is advisable, or not and pay through debit or credit cards on the same Paypal website. For the withdrawal of raised funds, it is advisable to have a Paypal account to be able to transfer the funds to the contributor. Other forms of bank or money transfer will be subject to PostbyMe‘s approval and discretion.

Fund Raising
  • The comments will be a point system, 10 comments = 1 point.
  • If the post contributor collected a minimum of 50 points = $20 or Php1000, post contributors can request to withdraw the raised funds through email at
  • Raised funds can also be reused to post or comments within PostbyMe website but need to request through email at
  • Comment points can come from all the posts submitted by the same post contributor in PostbyMe.
  • As a post contributor, you can share your PostbyMe posts to other social media website but only comments in PostbyMe website will be counted.
  • Bank and other charges or fees will be handled by the post contributor or recipient so it is advisable to withdraw at least $100 or Php5000.
  • Once payment is requested, it will be processed from 30 up to 60 days for validation purposes. We advised to have a Paypal account for faster transaction. Other bank or payment channels will depend in PostbyMe’s discretion.
  • We will only allow and transact to the original email address of the post contributor in withdrawing the raised funds to avoid fraudulent activities.