The Kind of Love – Cristine Sison Canlas

“Love is what I long for in my life
The one that will fill the emptiness inside
A love that is unconditional
The kind of love that’s hard to find

A love that is so rare and true
A love that will not bring me rue
A love that will make me happy
Every time I am feeling lonely

A love that’ll always stay with me
Through happiness and sadness
A love that’ll always be beside me
Each time that I would feel weary

But what if there’s no love like this?
And no one could even promise
To love me with all sincerity
To love me with all honesty

Then probably I’ll end up alone
Not unless if I’m willing to gamble
Of loving someone the way I long for
Give him my best and my all

Maybe he could do the same thing
But I should not expect anything
Cause if I do, I am not really giving
The unconditional love that I’m longing”

Cristine Sison Canlas is an impressionist painter and an amateur poet. She pours her emotions through her paintings and poems. Leave a comment to her art works and help her continue with her God-given talents.

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