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When we say dream cars, we meant it as “occur only in our dreams”. It may not happen due to many factors especially financial issues. We may be able to buy our dream car but it means that we will be giving up something in our lives like we won’t be able to eat for the rest of our lives since we will need to spend all our money and earnings in paying off that dream car or the maintenance will be equivalent to feeding a thousand kids. For some, buying a car is a necessity because they need it for travelling especially those living in remote areas. They will buy whatever car is practical, cheap, easy to maintain or even just a second-hand (third, fourth or more). Some people buy a car for luxury or status quo in the society just to feel rich or to show-off. For those who are lucky or super rich people that they don’t know where to put their money on, they will buy a car for investment or just a part of their assets. Our dream cars is just a normal or regular car for them. Others buy cars for business purposes. There are people who are using “dream car” as their goals in life or a reward for themselves when they achieve success. We might have different reasons as to why we want to have a car but as long as you are happy and able to pay it off, why not?


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Lamborgeenee or Lamborjinee? Pronouncing the name of a car can be confusing but as per Youglish we should break the words and pronounced it as “[LAM] + [BAW] + [GHEE] + [NEE]”. We can see this car used by Batman and it is also present in Transformers movie. It may also be present in other movies but those movies are the famous ones we already watched. We like this car because of the design, the way it looks and speed though, we never really tried it yet (we are hoping we wake up and our dreams will come true one day). But as expensive as it is and the way it looks, we surely know that it will not let us down once we ride on it. It is one of our dream car and for now, we might just keep it in our dreams since we don’t have the budget to make it come true. Maybe one day, one day…

MINI Cooper


Audrey Hepburn is that you? Whenever we see a Mini Cooper, all we can see is the resemblance in the aura of the late Audrey Hepburn (little black dress, ethereal beauty, Breakfast at Tiffany’s). It looks small but classy with an air of antiquity. I like the design because it looks posh and even if the make is years ago, it will still stay the same since it has that ancient look even if it is newly bought. This is one of our dream cars but if you are a man, sometimes you want something bigger or bulkier for a vehicle. If you are a family person, this looks a little small especially if you already have 2 or more kids. So maybe, it is good to stay in our dreams for now and find a more practical vehicle. But of course, we are still wishing that our dreams may come true one day…

Porsche (Top Down)


Don’t you ever have a dream of riding in a top down car with your hair flowing freely in the air just like what we see in movies or commercial? Yes, Porsche is making us that dream come true. It will be nice to have a top down car if we are in a place that is always summer, not too hot, and a little windy. Of course, there is no perfect place like that so having a Porsche can stay in our dreams unless you are fortunate enough to afford two or more cars to replace the other as the weather change.



Bulky and strong are the impression that Hummer is breathing out from its exterior. It is very manly and if a woman is using it, it will exude a thug but with a hint of sexiness. Hummer might also look like a truck or jeep for some people but if one doesn’t mind the similarities, it will still remain as our dream cars as we need to build a garage which should be as huge as this one.

RUV Cars


Wouldn’t it be nice to have a luxurious house inside your car? RUV cars are typical to actors and also a dream to the amateur ones since they have extreme hours at work. They might not be able to go home in a week or month depending on the shooting schedule or appearances they need to attend. An RUV car is like a second home for them and it is very nice to have a feel of home or privacy even just for a break. But of course, it is still an expensive thing which can fall either as investment or luxury that one must consider before buying. For now, it can stay in our dreams while we are still deciding if we really need to buy one.

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