About PostbyMe

PostbyMe wants to promote quality posts and limiting and if possible, eliminate bashings. As of now, the website and its owners are depending only on donations and possible advertisements to manage the website and pay bills like website hosting, upgrades, manpower, and etc. As we ask donations for posts and comments, we want to share the funds to the right beneficiaries, the contributors or the people providing quality posts to our website. As compared to other websites, if you post something and someone appreciated or commented on it, you will have nothing. Even if it is your artwork, such as painting, which time, energy or even money has been wasted, you will not get anything. Bashers can even say bad things about your post.

PostbyMe wants this to end and thus, created from an idea, to have a revolutionary website where you can post anything you want and if it will get a comment or people appreciate it, you can raise funds from it. The funds raised from the comments can be put to good use to make the person continue doing artworks, attend school or use for another cause. There may be posts about asking for help and if people will type a simple comment on it, these commentators already helped that person-in-need (who posted), because the comment will be equivalent to a donation. PostbyMe will ensure, as much as we can but not obligated, that postings are valid and if it is fake or malicious, PostbyMe will disapprove or take the post down especially when people reported it.

We can proudly say, as per our research, that we are the first website to make Comments as a tool to raise funds or have a money value to the Post Contributor (correct us if we are wrong!). The earlier you post in our website, the earlier you will get comments to raise funds. PostbyMe is also a gauge if your post is really comment-worthy, or your likers and commentators really like to comment in your post, or who are your real friends or fans, which will help you gain comments or appreciate your photos or artworks especially if you have a charity for a cause. Just in case you still get the bash from haters, you can have the funds they donated the option to delete or hide their comments. Nothing to lose from you, only from the bashers.

Join us now and become a part of PostbyMe, where posts matter and comments are valued.

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