How to Comment in PostbyMe?

1. Go to

2. Click the button Comment (USD) if you want to donate in US Dollars or Comment (PHP) if Philippine Peso. You can see this button at the side or lower part of the site or you can click here Donation ButtonsWe will only post your comments once this is done. 

3. Process donation through Paypal. You can choose to have a Paypal account(advisable) or just donate directly using your debit or credit card. Postbyme will not have your bank account details because Paypal will process the transaction. Please take note the Paypal Confirmation code.

4. Choose post/s that you want to leave a comment. You can leave up to 5 comments per donation. It can be on the same or different posts.

5. Input your Name (Name you want to see in the comment), your email address (same email address you used in Paypal. Email address will not be shown in the comment) and comment at the Leave a Reply section under the post.

6. Click the button Submit. Kindly monitor from 24 to 48 hours for the comment to show in the post. It may take shorter or longer than the said timeframe depending on the comment’s contents.

***Please ensure that the email address you used in Paypal will be the same email address you will use to leave a comment.