How to Raise Funds at PostbyMe?

  • You need to be a Post Contributor to raise funds at PostbyMe. If the post received comments, it will earn points.
  • The comments will be a point system, 10 comments = 1 point.
  • If the post contributor collected a minimum of 50 points = $20 or Php1000, post contributors can request to withdraw the raised funds through email at (Subject: Request to Withdraw Funds)
  • Raised funds can also be reused to post or send comments again within PostbyMe website but need to request through email at (Subject: Request to Reuse Funds)
  • Comment points can come from all the posts submitted by the same post contributor in PostbyMe.
  • As a post contributor, you can share your PostbyMe posts to other social media website but only comments in PostbyMe website will be counted.
  • Bank and other charges or fees will be handled by the post contributor or recipient so it is advisable to withdraw at least $100 or Php5000.
  • Once payment is requested, it will be processed from 30 up to 60 days for validation purposes. We advised to have a Paypal account for faster transaction. Other bank or payment channels will depend in PostbyMe’s discretion.
  • We will only allow and transact to the original email address of the post contributor in withdrawing the raised funds to avoid fraudulent activities.

Donation Buttons (For now, it is US Dollar $1 or Philippine Peso 55, but may change in the future):

  • Post (USD) – this is a US Dollar donation to make our website continue working and pay our bills (hosting, domain, upgrades, etc). Post (PHP) is the Philippine Peso equivalent of Post (USD).
    If you choose this button, we will post up to 5 images or written post that you will submit to us, as a token of our appreciation for your donation to us. If it is a video, we can post 1 one-minute video you have submitted.
  • Comment (USD) – this is a US Dollar donation that will be given to the post contributor or people who submitted quality posts to our website and PostbyMe’s manpower. Comment (PHP) is the Philippine Peso equivalent of Comment (USD). If you choose this button, we will post up to 5 comments for same or different posts that you want to leave a comment in our website.
  • Donate – this is for other donation amount you want to donate at PostbyMe .