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PostbyMe is a sucker for beauty. We want to show all the beautiful things in the world that we may forget the bad things. We are an admirer of beauty and we want people to see it. We hate bashing and love appreciation.

Since this is our mission, PostbyMe decided to choose 10 Angelic Beautiful Faces just before year 2017 ends. We will show the final 10 on January 2018 and it will consist of celebrities and non-celebrities. For now, we will show 4 of the 10 that we personally like. The remaining 6 will come from people who will comment here in our website to nominate their choice and our personal opinion.

Comment now on who do you think deserves the spot for  PostbyMe’s 10 Angelic Beautiful Faces of 2017. It can be your favorite celebrity or yourself! No need to be sexy as we are not looking for that, can be either boy or girl, or having an Angelic personality or aura if not a beautiful face.

Nancy of Momoland or Nancy Jewel McDonie (celebrity, South Korean Singer, KPOP

Reference: https://twitter.com/nancy_intl

“Who’s that girl?” is our reaction when we first saw Nancy in a video where she is giving away bottled juices wherein she’s just wearing a simple white t-shirt and jeans (first picture). After that, we researched and can’t just stop ourselves from snooping about her life for a week! She is such a beauty, ethereal and so angelic (she is one reason why we decided to make this article). We can’t believe that there is such natural beauty (as per research her looks are almost the same since her younger days and cosmetic surgery is obviously unnecessary), who can look so beautiful in almost every angle (of course nobody is perfect), and even just a simple smile can be so enchanting. Selfie phone or photoshop skills are not needed when you take her photo as it is picture-perfect already! We don’t personally know her but we hope that her character is as beautiful as her looks. We are wishing all the best in her life and career!

Alexandra Breckenridge (celebrity, American Actress)

Reference: Google Images Search, IMDB

We first saw the beauty of Alexandra in the hit TV series American Horror Story as the younger (and sexy) version of the “ghost maid” there, Moira O’Hara (if you know the story). She sported a short, red hair in that series and we wonder if we will look as beautiful as her if we also dye our hair in that same color (alas, not even an inch close!). The season ended also with her character. But then, we saw her again in The Walking Dead as Jesse Anderson, the second lady-partner of the lead character Rick (hooray!). She had blonde hair in that season which showed her soft angelic beauty features. It only proved that she can look great in any hair color! Sadly, her character died in the middle of the zombie herd just because of her child in that show who shouted out of fear which made us all shocked while watching and wished that the boy was able to contain his fear but he is a child anyway (again, if you know the story). Right now, she is in the TV series “This is Us” as Sophie (we are not watching it but we may because she’s in there!). We hope that we see her angelic beauty in more shows and even movies!

JLO (non-celebrity, student)

JLo is one of the non-celebrity Angelic Beauty that we personally choose to include in our list. She is not just a beauty but brainy as well since she is one of the top honors in their school. She is still a student and as early as now, we can see the Angelic Beauty and innocence in her looks. We hope that she will finish her school and pursue her goals in life. We are wishing that she will continue to be an obedient child to her parents, humble and a kind person.

Chesca (non-celebrity, student)

Reference: https://m.facebook.com/FranchescaSavaress/

As we browse the world of Facebook, we came across the innocent and angelic beauty of Chesca. She is a non-celebrity student but it seems that her beauty is making her famous among her friends and acquaintances. We hope that she will mature as a fine young lady in the future. We wish her happiness and success in life!

Comment the name or social media account of your nominee and tell us why do you think he or she deserves a spot. Please follow the right procedure to comment to be able to include your nominee for the 10 Most Angelic Beautiful Faces of 2017:

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